Mercantile Aromatiks


A Mercantile Venture

Under license from:

Payan Bertrand

Grasse, France.

More than 50 years service


Payan Bertrand

Manufacturing Essential Oils & Fragrances since 1854 -Grasse, France

From the very beginning, the company focused on the treatment of local aromatic raw materials such as jasmine, rose, violet leaf or mimosa, then widen its expertise on imported raw materials such as patchouli, tonka beans, ambrette, styrax, benzoin, etc. The company has constantly improved its production tools : from distillation, the company focused then on new techniques such as enfleurage then on volatile solvent extractions in the twenties. The company then developed fractioned distillation techniques in the fifties and more recently the molecular distillation.

This expertise allowed the company to succefully launch well known products such as Flouve (Fern oil and absolute) or pyrogenated oils obtained from styrax or Olibanum, well known absolutes such as Broom, Osmanthus or Elderflower.

More recently, and with the strong growth in the flavour market, the company developed a wide range of natural ingredients such as fish extracts and natural fractions such as ambretolide or octyl butyrate.

In 2004, the year of the 150th anniversary and, in a strong growth environment of its activity, the company opened a second production unit exclusively dedicated to fragrances compounds. Located in the Plan de Grasse, this new unit covers 1000 m2.

In 2006 the acquisition of General Aromatics allowed the company to go beyond a very important step in its development and to get an automatic weighing robot Roxane A for the production of its fragrances compounds.

The historical site of the company is now completely dedicated to the production of natural ingredients and a large investment plan is now focused on the expansion of distillation and extraction units.

Showing a permanent commitment in improving its production tools and its information system, the company shows a steady growth of its employees in order to cope with the whole range of regulatory and environment requirements : integration of OHSAS 18001 regulations regarding hygiene and security, continuous training of our personnel, important R&D investments, constant improvements of our production methods, and creation of an evaluation and marketing division are a few examples.

International activity is the core of our activity, through a permanent search of new markets to develop. Our long term strategy is to harmoniously develop our natural ingredients production activity along with fragrance compounds.

Our participation to the international regulatory commissions on new topics (allergens, REACH, etc.) insures our reactivity and allows us to bring a top service to our customers